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Calum's Hard Knock
by Danny Scott; Illustrated by Alice Morentorn


Tensions are rising in the team as Jordan's crew become jealous of the attention Calum and Leo are receiving from the scouts. Mr McKlop gives them one last chance to prove they can still be a team -- a military-style away day full of stunts, trials and loads and loads of MUD!


Can the team settle their differences and survive Sergeant McCradge's gruelling challenges? Will they learn how to pull together in time for the playoffs?

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Calum's Tough Match

by Danny Scott; Illustrated by Alice Morentorn


Caleytown's P6 boys have come so far, but they've still got to beat their old rivals Muckleton in the playoffs if they want a place in the National Soccer Sevens Tournament. There's a longstanding tradition of pranking between these two teams, and Calum and Leo are feeling the pressure to make this year more hilarious than ever...


Their headteacher, however, has threatened to forfeit the tournament if they pull a prank on Muckleton. Will they risk it anyway -- and have they forgotten how important the tournament is to them?

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Calum's Cup Final

by Danny Scott; Illustrated by Alice Morentorn


Calum's and Caleytown's dreams are coming true. They've made it to the National Soccer Sevens Tournament and the only thing standing between them and the cup are all of Scotland's finest football teams.

Calum spots the Scotland manager, some scouts, and his hero James Cauldfield in the crowd, and he's getting nervous. Mr McKlop has some fun ways to distract them but Calum's nerves only escalate when, unexpectedly, he is made captain of the team. Can he get them through to the final? Can he overcome his jitters and impress the scouts? Will Caleytown bring home the cup?


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