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Why reading books can help you become a better footballer | Guardian 

"A young man walks from the halfway line to the penalty spot. His country’s fans are dancing; their hope swoops and soars around him. He watches as his opposite number makes the lonely walk back to his teammates, shoulders hunched, and suppresses his sympathy. He knows what’s at stake..." Read my full article on the Guardian's website.

Are authors shying away from using social media in their books? | BBC Arts 

"In Ray Bradbury’s short story The Murderer (from the anthology The Golden Apples of the Sun) the titular killer turns out to be a man with a violent vendetta against technology, rather than people. He can no longer bear to live in a world where everyone is always listening to music, using a computer or involved in some form of endless communication. Questioned by a psychologist, he reveals..." Read my full #LovetoRead article on the BBC Arts website

'Get children reading to help solve Scotland’s confidence crisis' | Herald 

"Encouraging both boys and girls to develop a reading habit matters to us all in Scotland as engaged young readers will grow up to be healthier, wealthier adults. A love of reading is proven by the OECD to be the best indicator of a child’s future success regardless of their parents’ academic achievements or socio-economic circumstances. Put another way, a love of reading can..." Read the full article on The Herald's website.

Danny Scott’s Scotland Stars books target reluctant readers | Edinburgh Evening News 

"Scott, who works at the Scottish Book Trust in Edinburgh, said: “I was quite a keen reader when I was a child, I loved books by authors like Roald Dahl and Dick King Smith, but there never seemed to be many stories about children like me, living in normal places, being in the same situations as me and facing the same kinds of challenges." Read the full article on Edinburgh Evening News' website.

25 memorable Scottish novels from the past 25 years | The Herald and Scottish Book Trust

Explore some of the fantastic Scottish fiction on offer from the past quarter century in this article I wrote for The Herald, now available on the Scottish Book Trust website

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